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Sonic therapy!

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"Michelle is a person of high integrity. Her intuitive choice of music, her timing, and her interactive presentation say much about her deep sensitivity." Mimi Farina, Executive Director, Bread and Roses (Non-profit organization providing music for the chronic and terminally ill.)

"Sonic therapy could change the course of medicine!" Michael S., MD, Director, UCLA Pain Center

Sonic therapy!

Harp music!Michelle Sell is a trained sonic therapist. During sonic therapy sessions, clients will experience and remember what a sense of well being feels like for them on a personal level. This is accomplished through the deep relaxation and frequencies provided by the VibraSound sonic therapy equipment. As a result, a client may experience a decrease in physical pain and an increase in psychological awareness. Chronic pain, migraines, depression, chronic fatigue, learning disabilities, hyperactivity, and other conditions may all benefit from this type of holistic treatment.

Harp music! Research by Dr. Peter Guy Manners of England, has shown that physical and psychological conditions diminish when a specific pitch is supplied, sonically, for a specific symptom. Mariel Scovel, M.M., RMT has documented a decrease in symptoms of hyperactivity in children and behavioral changes in "at risk" children after they listen to classical music in their individual frequency or keynote. Dr. Ron Price, founder of Healing Harps and featured on Dateline has documented an abatement of his own Multiple Sclerosis symptoms from playing his harp and success with "at risk" juveniles simply from playing their harps. He has concluded that the vibrations from the harp, whether through active playing or passive listening, enter the body and promote physical and psychological health. The harp is the only instrument that provides this vast range of pure, broad-spectrum sound, vibration, and frequencies."

Sonic therapy!

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Harp Therapy Recording

"Music for the Soulstice Millennium"
Michelle Sell & Various Artists
GMG Studios

Sonic therapy!

Harp music! Michelle offers three types of sonic therapy:

1. Each person's voice consists of a unique combination of vibrations or resonance that reflects their living energy. The vibration patterns of the voice are equivalent to the individuality of a set of fingerprints. As a client speaks into a microphone their voice is charted. Missing tones and frequencies are then cross-referenced with other criteria and specific frequencies are chosen for that individual. These tones are then produced and transmitted through the VibraSound sonic therapy table on which a person lies. Additional frequencies are provided through visual and auditory means. All of these tones duplicate the frequencies in which the voice resonance was weak and once reintroduced promotes wholeness and balance within the body.

2. The harp is either used as a singular sonic vibration instrument or as an adjunct with the voice analysis. The harp resonates directly into the VibraSound table and provides deep relaxation for the individual. This form of sonic harp therapy has been used successfully by psychotherapist, Sara Jane Williams, editor of the Harp Therapy Journal, for chronic pain and trauma release in her clients. 

3. Michelle also offers numerous pre-programmed sonic therapy sessions that provide deep relaxation and stress release. For example, a person may choose the 15-minute VibraSound Stress Buster and simply schedule a brief session on their lunch break in order to enhance clarity/creativity upon their return to work. These programs offer a variety of frequencies and keynotes.

Sonic therapy!

Harp music!Personal testimonials following sonic therapy treatments:

"...the most remarkable thing that happened is that I looked outside and said, 'Oh, the sun came out.' It hadn't. All of a sudden, there was much more light in the room. Colors were more distinct, and the clarity of my vision was really remarkable."
Naomi O., Psychotherapist, suffering from retinal detachment

"Half an hour later, after being on the sonic therapy table, my mood was really pain was less important. I felt really good. I had stopped by to collaborate with Michelle on some music, so I went to the car, brought in some harmonicas and we wrote a song, a really beautiful song."
Norton B., award winning Musician, currently touring with Olivia Newton John and Steve Miller, experiencing shoulder pain and trauma following a car accident

"My husband, M*and I cannot thank you enough. Our son went through 'colic' for more than three months. Your sonic therapy assessment of Cole helped us so much. He definitely responded positively to the D pitch. The audiocassette tape you made for him with D underlying the ocean waves worked so well. He often would get calmer and be able to sleep some. There were nights when we played the audiocassette on auto reverse all night. I think that parents who have infants who are sleep resistant, have colic, or are high energy should try a sonic therapy assessment and get a tape in the appropriate pitch. We really appreciate the good effects it has had on C*."
Louanne C. W., Ph.D., seeking relief for her son, Cole, while he was going through colic

Sonic therapy!

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