San Francisco Bay Area Wedding & Event Harp Music!
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"Michelle, play or correct the arrangements any way that you like. I trust you completely..."
Don Costa, Arranger for Frank Sinatra, Sr. (Michelle toured with Frank Sinatra, Sr., as a big band member.)

"Thank you for your performance of my music today."
Aaron Copland, Conductor/Composer

San Francisco Bay Area Wedding & Event Harp Music!

"It is so wonderful to see you again and hear you playing my harp parts!"
Nelson Riddle, Composer/Arranger

"Great to hear from you as well as hear you. The harp was featured prominently in the house mix."
Joel Selvin, critic, "San Francisco Chronicle," (personal correspondence re the Joni Mitchell show, May 13th, 2000)

"Now that the Ted Turner dinner is history, I'd like to thank you for your beautiful music!. Your presence and your talent added just the right amount of class to the private reception at the Ritz Carlton."
Linda Wuy, Regional Director, Business Executives for National Security

"Thanks again for making such an amazing contribution to our wedding!"
Heidi Bosselman, Wedding Client

"On behalf of the USF Center for the Pacific Rim, I want to thank you for your participation in our gala. You are a wonderful harpist!"
Staff, Center for the Pacific Rim, USF

"Thank you again for a wonderful performance. It was a pleasure working with you!"
Kylie Sonsini, Store Manager, Macy's West

"We are still receiving kudos for the music. Thank you for sharing your talent and professionalism with us."
Thomas E. Ochinero, Healthcare Forum

"..her playing on the harp is impeccable. Drawing together classical and world traditions, she is making the music of our time, and beyond."
John Diliberto, producer, American Public Radio

"The primary quality that pervades all of Michelle's work is a heartfelt oneness with her music and her instrument which causes each note to effortlessly dissolve into the next in an open expression of pure love."
Ken Gruen, critic, New Frontier Magazine

"A unique mystique surrounds the harp, especially when it is played by as sensitive and jpgted an artist as Michelle Sell."
Greg Berg, Nightnoise, WGTD

"Michelle, I want you to play for me all the time, at the recording studio and for my guests."
Narada Michael Walden, Grammy Award Winning Producer: Aretha Franklin, The Temptations, Whitney Houston

"Blessed are you amongst harpists!"
Rob Fisher, conductor for Broadway show "Me and My Girl"

"Not only does Michelle play the most beautiful music but she is also a wonderful woman! Michelle left us speechless with joy when we heard her play, not only during our wedding consultation at her music studio, but also on our big day! We received a countless number of compliments on her extraordinary playing. Everybody LOVED her music, and we are so glad that it is part of our wedding video!!"
AW, yelp

"MIchelle's harpist talents are amazing! I so enjoyed a recent perfomance at The City Club. Bravo, Michelle, for keeping an elegant and incredibly enjoyable form of music and entertainment out there and alive."
PattyB, San Francisco, CA, Yahoo Local

"Michelle is awesome! She is an amazing musician and a consummate professional. She played our wedding in Menlo Park last month and we couldn't have been more pleased at every step of the way. From our initial contact, she was pleasant to work with. She immediately sent us her information, a CD, and was always accessible by phone or email. Her repertoire is quite impressive and we had a productive and inspiring phone consultation, during which we arranged the wedding and cocktail music. She is quite flexible and willing to work with you to give you exactly what you want. At the wedding, she was simply amazing. Everything was exactly on cue and the ceremony was perfect. As a classical music afficionado, I confidently say that you won't find a better harpist in the Bay Area."
Faith K., San Francisco, CA, yelp

"Grammy award winner, Michelle Sell performed at my wedding ceremony in San Francisco in 2005. We loved her talent and her music. She is a very talented harpist and I highly recommed hiring her for your wedding."
Chris R., Dublin, CA, yelp

"Michelle is a great harp teacher! From beginner to artist she shares her love of music and mastery of the harp. She has the patience of an angel and intuitive understanding needed to guide her harp students through the technical challenges of the harp. Her classical conservatory training,dazzling orchestra and solo performances, compositions and recordings, qualify her as the premier teacher of all harp students. In a serene and quiet teaching environment she always teaches her students with good cheer and humor."
Jacqueline A., San Anselmo, CA, yelp

"WOW!!! Michelle is an unbelievably talented harpist, teacher, and composer. Five minutes with her in a harp lesson is worth every month that I spent with my last three music coaches. I met Michelle when she played for my mother's memorial service last year. Her KINDNESS and sensitivity around such a delicate time not only emanated from her, as a person, but also imbued all of the musical choices that she suggested for the service. After the end of last year, I contacted Michelle to begin harp lessons with her and let's just say, she is a MASTER at her craft. I had studied with other teachers, that I could have chosen to play for my mom's service, but even though I just heard Michelle's music samples online, I knew that I didn't want my previous teachers to play the service, I wanted Michelle. Words really can't describe how much joy her talent has brought to my life."
Martin C., Marin County, CA, yelp

"Not many women giving birth have a renowned Harpist appear at their home in the middle of the night. But Michelle did. Playing sweet strings to my heart while I labored my son into his first breath. Michelle has been the most pleasing of melodies in my life. Her music always is felt in the body as a sweet surrender. Michelle was there again filling the house with divine sound during my son's arrival home. Again she provided music in celebration of our son's baptism. Would it be a real holiday without hearing Michelle play the Harp? I don't think so. We loved when her calendar would allow for a window of music on her beautiful harp. There is no Harpist more filled with the magic of the harp then Michelle. Her music always touches my soul. She will always be the one I call to fill my musical requests."
E. D., San Francisco, CA, yelp

"Michelle is a wonderful music teacher. She had been teaching our son for only about six months, and he has already come so much farther with her than he did with any other music teacher. She evaluates his mental state from the moment the lesson starts, and adjusts the lesson for the day accordingly, not just barging through some pre-planned curriculum. To me, music lessons are an investment that will stay with the person for their whole life, and needless to say having THE BEST instruction is a major priority. Michelle is by far the most attentive, creative, competent teacher that I have met, I HIGHLY recommend her for music students of any age. My son can attest to the above, as he is normally a very shy and introverted person, he feels very comfortable with Michelle and looks forward to his lessons. How often is that? A child looking forward to music lessons! Priceless! "
Lilly F., Beverly Hills, CA, yelp


"Lovely, just lovely."
Jimmy Carter
San Francisco Bay Area Wedding & Event Harp Music!
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