"Dancing on Air"
Michelle Sell & Ensemble
Moon Circle Records
Dancing on Air - Harp Music CD, mp3

dancing.jpg "Michelle Sell takes her technical mastery and boldly treads where few harpists dare. Sell's musicality, however, makes this not only a beautiful album but also one that has the depth and interest to command attention. As a composer she winds us through different harmonic landscapes (something extremely unique in the realm of harp music) and revels in that richness. There's beauty in the production and the arrangements, but the hallmark of "Dancing on Air" is that Sell has created music that yearns to be heard and leaves us grateful we did." Erika Luckett, Albany, CA

Dancing on Air - Harp Music CD, mp3

Michelle's brilliant and extraordinary talent as one of the world's favorite harpists shines throughout this CD. New age orchestrations, upbeat rhythmic pop, acoustic jazz, and soloistic classical selections take the listener on an amazing auditory journey. A recording resplendent in brilliant "harpistry" and evocative ensemble songs, Dancing on Air will make you do just that!

~ Journey of Dreams ~

~  Natural Tendencies ~

Dancing on Air

~ Flight ~

~  Snow Queen ~

~  Buenos Aires ~

~  Paper, Rock, Scissors ~

~ Midnight Waltz in the Rain ~

~ Ballet in Time ~

~ The Beauty of You ~

~ Magenta Moon ~

~ Painting by Water ~

~ Believe It ~

~ Pieces of Glass ~

~ Hope Valley ~

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Produced by:
Michelle Sell, Moon Circle Records

Michelle Sell: harp, piano
Erika Luckett: guitar
Diane Lindsay: piano, sampler
Doug Wood: sampler

Recorded and mixed by:
Doug Wood @ Omnimusic, Port Washington, New York
June Millington @ IMA, Bodega Bay, California
Michelle Sell @ IBDAA, Fairfax, California
Warren Dennis @ the Banquet, Santa Rosa, California

Mastered by:
Ken Lee @ Ken Lee Mastering, Oakland California

Design + Digital Imaging by:
Renee Harcourt @ i4 Design, Sausalito, California

Artist Photos by:
Jeri Jones, San Francisco, California

Dancing on Air - Harp Music CD, mp3
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Dancing on Air - Harp Music CD, mp3

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Dancing on Air - Harp Music CD, mp3
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Dancing on Air - Harp Music CD, mp3
~ 2019-09-08 ~
~ ©2018, Michelle Sell, Moon Circle Records ~
Dancing on Air - Harp Music CD, mp3